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Micra* (ongoing project)

* Made-up dialogues between two

fictitious travel companions,

babbling and snapshots

during an imaginary journey 

that never took place.

QoQ photography, Tilemachos Papadopoulos

- Κοίτα πόσο μεγάλωσε η μέρα!

- Ναι, αρχίζει να καλοκαιριάζει.

- Τα φώτα στο βάθος όμως δεν τα ρύθμισαν, εξακολουθούν ν' ανάβουν από νωρίς.

- Λογικά θα συνεχίσουν ν' ανάβουν μέχρι να πιάσουν οι πρώτες ζέστες, μετά θ' αναλάβουν οι πυγολαμπίδες.


- Hey! Did you notice how long the day has grown!
- Yeah, summertime is only a few weeks away.
- The street lights haven't been adjusted though, they still turn on much too early.
- They'll probably stay on until the nights get warm enough, then the fireflies will take over.

Project music by: Manolis Aggelakis,

from the album The Stone We Had In Our Mouth,

released in 2020 on Inner Ear Records

Thank you for trusting me with your wonderful music!

Manolis Aggelakis:And Always Through Silent Roads We Go
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